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The Power of Solar Power
February 1, 2008, 12:06 pm
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I hear the same questions and comments when people talk about solar power. Many people want to know if whether or not solar power is worth it. Many see the initial costs of setting up complete solar energy and stay away from it completely. Others are afraid that the lighting will be different, weaker, more yellow, etc.

It is true, solar power is expensive, but it literally pays for itself in the long run. You will eventually save thousands of dollars in energy costs, far surpassing the capital it took to put it up in the first place. There are not many makers of solar power systems, and that’s part of the reason the it is so expensive. So, it is worth it, it just takes time.

And as for whether or not the power makes lights look different, that is false. In complete solar power systems, nothing changes like that at all. The lights you use are the same ones as before, and they provide the same amount of brightness.

In fact, there are major areas that are starting to use solar power to power up areas of their own city. Check out this blog with a picture of a self-sustaining solar powered street light, combined with wind power, in Tokyo. You can also check out this small photo gallery of Maple Ridge Wind Farm outside of Lowville, NY. You don’t have to break your bank to enjoy re-usable energy that can help you save money.

There are some great products available at shoppicketfence.com that utilize the sun. Click on these links to view:
The Solar Powered Motion Light

Solar LED String Lights

Malibu Solar Powered Driveway Marker

Solar Illuminated Number Sign

You can do a little something and get a big return. With just the addition of a few solar items you will see a difference in you bill, as well as knowing that you are doing you part in helping maintain a healthy environment.

As always, Art.


Cold air is dry air
January 2, 2008, 11:32 am
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During the winter months, dominant cold air masses move in and are very dry.  They can bring relative humidity down to 10%, even inside your home.  On a list of pet peeves made by home owners “dry air inside the house” was listed at #4.  No surprise there really.  Dry indoor air can make skin itchy and red, can irritate the nose and throat, and can be harmful to wood furniture and floors.  In addition to these more obvious effects of dry air, it can also make your heating bill increase.  When air moisture is low, skin moisture lowers too.  When skin moisture lowers your body feels colder, resulting in increasing the thermostat.  This only furthers the dry air in your home.

If this is a problem in your home this winter, you might want to try these Non-Electric Humidifier’s from Picket Fence‘s website.  These humidifiers attach to your forced air vents and as air passes through, water evaporates and increases the humidity in your home.  It is an easy and affordable way to make winter a bit easier this year and in years to come.

As always, Art.


The things we forget
December 20, 2007, 5:19 pm
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It’s really funny.  There’s things I do every year that I wish I would prepare for earlier.  Take Christmas shopping for example, I have barely started it and it’s only a few days away.  One of my friends was done in August.  August!  I wasn’t thinking of Christmas in August.  In fact, I didn’t think about Christmas until November.  I digress.  What I’m driving at is actually firewood.  Every year my father cleans up more brush from around his camp and there is always great firewood to burn throughout the winter.  A cozy fire in the winter time is great.  But I always forget about a place to store it and keep it dry.  But not this year.  This year I got a Wood Rack Cover.  It’s made of vinyl so the water deflects right off.  The firewood is dry and ready this year so I guess it’s nice warm fires all winter long.  S’mores anyone?

As always, Art.

Sunset is listed for 4:30pm
December 17, 2007, 5:33 pm
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It’s not a secret that the sunsets earlier in the winter.  It seems that every year I forget this fact and never do anything about my steps.  Every night in the winter I come home and have to walk up the sidewalk, up the slippery steps, and through my front door before I can turn on a light to see.  I don’t like leaving a light on, because it seems such a waste of electricity.  Then I got the Solar Powered Deck Light.  It’s very bright and works great.  I can actually see when I come home.  They do have a battery back up, just in case the sun doesn’t shine.  But so far, that hasn’t happened yet!

As always, Art.


Winter in New York
December 13, 2007, 3:17 pm
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They can be tough.  It snows a lot.  That I can tell you.  But every so often the north westerly winds die down long enough to let an area of low pressure in from the south.  That usually brings warm weather.  By warm I mean mid to high 30’s.  But, it never lasts.  And then when the night brings the cold back, you wake up and your car has about a 1/4 inch of ice over it.  I keep a can of windshield ice remover spray right in my car.  I just spray it on and the ice literally starts to melt off the windshield.  I would have to wait for ever for my car to have to warm up and get the ice melted off.  Plus, getting the ice off lets in the sunshine and helps to warm it up too.  It also has worked great for me on my storage shed, where occasionally my padlock freezes up.

As always, Art.


no cords – lots of bling
October 26, 2007, 3:15 pm
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I am amazed at the number of products that are new to the market and are solar powered. Although few houses have taken the solar route, marketing has created wonderful home solutions using solar. For example, the newest innovation, solar holiday string lights. I am so tempted to light up my backyard, my hot tub area, etc, but who wants to set up cords, worry about the plug getting wet, etc. These lights just work. I have some solar pumpkins too, but alas, that holiday is gone. Try these for Christmas.

wiper blades and rainstorms
October 19, 2007, 2:32 pm
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Truthfully, I don’t think too much about my wiper blades until it is pouring out and I can’t see. Picket Fence Catalog to the rescue! They have an item, Wiper Blade Conditioner, that I have not been able to find anywhere else- even on the web. It not only cleans the blades, but snow and ice will not stick to the blades after treatment. Like getting an oil change, I really need to do this maintenance on a regular basis.