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Going Green in Alabama

I would like to take the time to bring attention to the efforts of Karni R. Perez, a dedicated volunteer with The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve, an outreach program of the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, and coordinator of an exciting upcoming event in Auburn, AL.    The Preserve offers 110 acres of beautiful wooded hiking trails and other special features such as learning stations, providing surrounding communities with a wealth of nature and native ecosystems to discover, learn from, and enjoy.   You can click here to view their home page and pictures.

There is an event taking place there on Saturday, April 5 called GrOw GREEN.  The event is designed to draw attention to the positive aspects of going green.  The fun and information-filled event offers those who attend “a chance to better understand some current resource and environmental issues”.  Not only will the attendees get a chance to “enjoy a day in the woods” but they will also be able to learn tips to meet the daily challenges of being Green Minded.

The staff at Picket Fence, as well as everyone in the office of our parent company QCI Direct, would like to acknowledge Ms. Perez and the members of The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve for their continuing efforts to bring awareness to the public.  We have always done all we can here to be as green as possible and to try and spread the word.  Lately my blog efforts have been about the benefits of solar power, the celebrities who have become involved, and all the small ways we (as the general public) can do our part to conserve energy and be less wasteful.  The responses have been vast and overwhelming.  There are so many people out there with a voice and opinion, in both directions, about the US becoming a fore runner in environmentalism.  This is an extremely hot button issue all around the world.  Many countries have spent innumerable hours and capital on developing perpetual resources to be used.   But, for most of us, without thousands of dollars to spend on solar paneling, there are plenty of small ways to think green.

We have been developing our solar powered products category and released it last week. You can view that by clicking here.  We will also by teaming up with Ms. Perez by donating our greenest products to be given away at the GrOw GREEN event on April 5th.  It truly is the little things that make the biggest differences and this is just the start to a long line of “little things” that we plan to do to bring more attention to the growing environmental problems.  Going green may be the one way to improve on global warming.   Is that enough?  Is global warming a serious enough problem to change our lifestyle?

As always, Art.

P.S. Thanks Alicia!


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It’s great to see the green movement picking up speed. We need more events like this, both locally and around the country.

Comment by Ann

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