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Time To Go Green
February 12, 2008, 11:02 am
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It certainly is a hot button issue.  Every where you go you see companies boasting that they have gone green.  You hear it on the news, at work, in department stores, coffee shops, and all over the radio.  There are plenty of ways to go green, even if you’re not a multi-million dollar corporation.  Everything helps too.  From the light bulbs you use in your living room, to the small solar powered devices you buy for your yard. 

You could also save other resources besides energy.  Try to have a nice lush green lawn, one in which has strong roots and will not dry out to quick.  In a past blog, Ann talked about a neighbor who had a perfect lawn by using an underground sprinkler system.  That could be considered a waste of energy as well as water.  There are plenty of natural lawn care products that won’t fill your lawn full of chemicals, and having a strong lawn will help keep bare spots to a minimum, and keep you from wasting water trying to bring back a patch of dirt.  Try Velocity Lawn Patch Plus and/or Canada Green for the spring, to get your lawn back and help save a bit of energy.  Don’t forget about Solar Power Products too.  Every little bit counts.

As always, Art.


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I am all for going green – it’s better for the earth, your health and often, your pocketbook. I can only imagine the bare spots I am going to have to fix with Canada Green and Velocity Lawn Patch Plus once the weather finally breaks. Our up and down weather (cold, then warm, then cold) can’t be good for our yards, that’s for sure.

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Thanks for reading, Jack.

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