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Wainscot, An Inside Wallpaper Project
February 7, 2008, 11:48 am
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I have had my share of problems as of late, trying to get a pond started. I really should have waited until spring. When the weather is nice though, sometimes you forget what season it is, especially if you have been couped up for a few months already. It’s time to turn the focus back indoors, mostly since it’s been snowing for a few days in a row here in Rochester, New York, but also because I have thought of an awesome indoor project. I’m going to put wainscoting up in the living room, but I have an easier way than buying expensive materials and starting from scratch. With wainscot, you can turn a room into something a bit more luxurious than with just another coat of paint.

At shoppicketfence.com there is a wainscot wallpaper. I checked it out and it isn’t necessarily wallpaper, it isn’t paper at all really, its much thicker and very heavy duty. You get quite a bit for the price, too. I’m going to need two rolls, but it is still much cheaper than buying a whole wainscot set or building everything myself from scratch. This wainscot wallpaper, goes on much like regular wallpaper, and dries just the same. It is can be painted or left it’s natural color of white.

I’m going to put up the wainscot wallpaper and then buy a board to put up as a chair rail. I’m going to stain the chair rail, and paint the wainscot a dark blue. The mop boards are also going to be replaced to match the chair rail, and stained, this will create a “boxed in blue” look. Then, I’m going to put more boards in, over every stud, creating a panel inside a panel look. Click here to see something kind of like what I’m talking about, except the green in these pictures will be painted blue, and also would have the wainscot look.

There are always different ways to get incredibly expensive looks very inexpensively. It’s a matter of researching tools and materials, and then asking around too. There are some excellent ideas out there from some awesome DIYers. I had some help with this idea after reading a few posts by Greg Salata at Lumberjocks.com.

As always, Art.

Wainscot wallpaper


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I wrote about this wainscot wallpaper back in November.
It really works well. I also learned a new term “chair rail” – that is the piece you mentioned that goes horizontally above it. Believe me, if I can put up wainscot, anyone can. What kind of wallpaper glue did you use?

Comment by Ann

I haven’t put it up yet, but I am going to use a heavy duty clay based premixed vinyl adhesive. They are usually the best to put up anything that needs a lot of tack. The wainscot wallpaper is relatively heavy, so this will probably work best.

Comment by Arthur

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