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A Groundhog and His Shadow
February 4, 2008, 10:04 am
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That’s right.  If you haven’t heard already, the Giants won the Super Bowl.  Not only that, but that pesky groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and that means more winter.   6 more weeks of winter really isn’t all that long, though.  Here in Western New York our winters can start in November and last through mid April.  We are pretty used to the snow and ice and that means that we are always prepared.  Barring Alaskan cities, Rochester, NY (where we are located) is the 12th snowiest U.S. city.  That leaves Buffalo at 11 and Syracuse at 4.  You can click here and check out the USA Today article that I took the information from.

You don’t have to live in one of these particular cities to get tons of snow.  Many cities under the number 15 snowiest get their share of snow too.  At shoppicketfence.com there are plenty of ways to help combat the snow and ice problem.  We have Roof Melts, which can drastically reduce the ice buildup on the roof of your home, eliminating ice dams and reducing the risk of roof leaks.  If you need an easier way to clear your sidewalks you can check out the Electric Snow Thrower.   This can take care of heavy or light snow and simply throw it off your walks with a 6.75 amp motor.  These have been extremely popular and gotten rave reviews.  If you are going to be outdoors removing snow, with the Snow Thrower or otherwise, you can get these heavy duty Snow Blowing Gloves.  These gloves are specially made to keep your hands from getting cold or wet while your working outdoors.  In the winter, everything can become more difficult, even walking to your car, and especially across the parking lot.  If this problem plagues you too, you can try the Yak Trax.  These rubber and steel made shoe additions improve your traction on slippery ice and snow.

The Roof Melt Talbets

There are plenty more products at shoppicketfence.com.  Don’t forget that spring will be here pretty soon and you can start picking up supplies today!

As always, Art.


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I have heard great things about the snowblowing gloves. They aren’t just for those of you with a snowblower. You can use them to get a great grip when shoveling too.

P.S. Those stats about where Rochester ranks in terms of snow were disturbing. I knew we would rank up there, I was just in denial about it.

Comment by Ann

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