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A Simply Amazing Garden Addition
January 21, 2008, 2:44 pm
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As most of you know, I love to garden. It is a joy of mine to plant and grow, and to use my fresh vegetables and herbs in cooking. I am learning the art of canning and freezing too, in order to provide myself with my own brand of veggies throughout the winter as well. It’s a great way to save money and provide yourself with good food.

But up until just recently I have always planted my garden for utilitarian purposes and left little room for aesthetics. I’m not much for growing flowers, which are naturally aesthetic and eye pleasing, so I wasn’t sure how to make my garden look more like an oasis. I showed some friends pictures of my garden and was partially confused when someone suggested adding a pond. My response was that there wasn’t a pond near my garden. I told them that the body of water they were seeing was the Chaumont River. They then explained to me that a garden pond was mostly decorative and could be easily installed by using simple landscaping techniques. I decided that I would do some research into this and write a blog each time I have some new information and every time I take a step forward in the development of my pond.

The first step is designing how you want your pond to look.  It is not going to do me a lot of good to go out to camp with a shovel and start digging one now, since winter has officially set in and the ground is frozen.  But the other night I decided to draw up what the area looks like around my garden.  I made it rather official and used graph paper to get size as accurate as possible. I’m not quite sure of the size as of yet, but I do have the basic shape down and where it is going to be placed in my garden.  It’s a good idea to start planning for these ventures now, so when spring comes and you are ready to get started, all the kinks have been previously worked out.

There are hundreds of great websites out there that can help you plan your pond and garden, and the more research I do, the more of them that I dismiss for not being accurate.  But I have found of few that have piqued my interest, I just haven’t finished going through them all and checked all their sources.  But I have found myself getting excited about this project.  There are some awesome products at Shoppicketfence.com for  ponds. Reviewing products like these can really help you decide what you want your pond to look like.  I will be researching how to build one of these soon, and I will post my findings as soon as I know more.

As always, Art.

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You are a brave soul! I would love a pond, but have not built up the confidence to try and put one in – yet. There is a corner of my yard by a fence that would be the perfect spot. Maybe someday… I need to fix the fence posts that fell down in a recent windstorm first though!

Comment by Ann

Very Informative
Thanks for sharing

Comment by bestchildrensbooks1

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