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Still thinking about gardening
January 8, 2008, 5:12 pm
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Ever since my last post about gardening (just 4 days ago) I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  I like to grow flowers merely for the aestheticism, but growing vegetables is my main love.  I love to have fresh vegetables in the garden so I can walk outside, pick them, and use them in dishes for friends and family.  Meals always taste better when the veggies are fresh.  And I don’t mean fresh as in the produce section at the grocery store.  A vegetable that has been picked 12 minutes before its cooked tastes much different than a few days or weeks old.  No pesticides, or chemicals either, and I know that my vegetables have been grown completely organically.

But the winter is long.  Not much to grow when its all cold and snow.  Or is there?

Kale is an excellent winter veggie.  It is very hardy, not affected by frost, and is great for soups, which happen to be a popular winter item.  Also, beets grow well starting as soon as the soil is workable.  These are typical Russian veggies, so it may be best to use Russian varieties, since they are used to the cold.

You may also want to start some seeds indoors.  Broccoli can be put into the ground as early as March, so its not to early to get a few seeds going inside and ready for transplant. The same goes for Brussels sprouts (if you like them, I know I do) and cabbage.  Get them started now in pots and they can be put into the ground in March.  Along with carrots, turnips, rutabaga, garlic, lettuce, and onions; all essentials to a great garden.

It’s really not too soon to start thinking of these things.  Get excited for Spring!  It’s such a wonderful time of year.  Its a good way to keep yourself busy through the long, dark, and boring winter months, too.  If you think about it, you should start these projects now, because March will come up quicker than you think.  It’s always nice to extend the growing season!

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As always, Art.


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I have never tried to grow veggies. I normally just plant annuals. But this year may be different. I especially love just picked tomatoes with a touch of salt.

Comment by Ann

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