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Winter does not have to be dull
January 3, 2008, 12:08 pm
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In the Spring, Summer, and Fall there is always so much yard activity. At home we get squirrels, chipmunks, and the occasional rabbit or woodchuck. At camp we get turkey, deer, and muskrats, with many different varieties of birds. But in the winter, there is hardly any of these animals, especially at home. We barely see any birds at home. But, there are plenty of non-migratory birds that need food during the winter. You just need to draw them in. Cardinals, for example, stay north. Picket Fence has an excellent Cardinal Classic Feeder. They also have a Suet Feeder too. Suet is great for birds in the winter because they need fatty foods to keep their body temperatures at around 108 degrees. The addition of a few bird feeders around your house will attract more birds, especially those of color, and keep them coming back year round. It’s always nice to add a little color to the occasionally dull winter.

As always, Art.

The Cardinal FeederThe Suet Feeder


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Cardinals are so pretty. I did not know that is why they need fatty foods, but that makes sense. I haven’t seen any around this Winter, but I will be more aware and look for them now.

Comment by Ann

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