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Winter in New York
December 13, 2007, 3:17 pm
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They can be tough.  It snows a lot.  That I can tell you.  But every so often the north westerly winds die down long enough to let an area of low pressure in from the south.  That usually brings warm weather.  By warm I mean mid to high 30’s.  But, it never lasts.  And then when the night brings the cold back, you wake up and your car has about a 1/4 inch of ice over it.  I keep a can of windshield ice remover spray right in my car.  I just spray it on and the ice literally starts to melt off the windshield.  I would have to wait for ever for my car to have to warm up and get the ice melted off.  Plus, getting the ice off lets in the sunshine and helps to warm it up too.  It also has worked great for me on my storage shed, where occasionally my padlock freezes up.

As always, Art.



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Nice idea about the shed! I have been meaning to try this product. I wonder if it would also work being sprayed on a shovel to repel the snow and keep it from sticking/clumping.

Comment by Ann

Can I use this on my dogs leash that has been left out in the cold? Does it really unfreeze things like that?

Comment by PF Team

Ann, try this product I found a Picket Fence. The Snow Shooterstops the snow from sticking to whatever you spray it on.

Comment by Chuck

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